My Family

In my family I have five people I have Me Colen Connor and my Mom and Dad. I am 12 my older brother Colen is 15 my younger brother Connor is 10 so I am in the middle. My family gose on trips alot for an example we mave been to disney 10 times, so I guess we like to go on trips. A little bit about Colen is that he is the quarterback for the senior foot ball teem and he is only in grade ten. Something about Connor is that he is in grade 5 and he is the canadain wrestling champion just like me. well thats preety much it for my family comment and tell me about yuor family.

A Story Beginning

it was a beautiful day in Paris and two boys named Tim and Ron were outside trying to find something to do. Tim sugggested that they just go for a walk so they did and then they came across the eiffle tower. Ron said “hey Tim lets go up the iffle tower” Ok said tim. So that is what they did. finily when they got to the tot they………

comment and tell me what the boys did.


If I could learn anything in the world it would be……

If I could learn anything in the world I would learn how to be really good at pickpocketing.I would learn how to pickpocket because I think that it would be really cool, another reason why I want to learn how to pickpocket  is besause I think that it would be really fun to mess with people, like say I took ther phone and they would think that they lost it. So that is what I would learn if I could learn anything in the world. comment on this post and tell me what you would learn.