Favourit Cartoon Character

My favourite cartoon character has to be Patrick Star on the hit nickelodeon show sponge bob. I like Patrick because he is funny lazy and always likes to do what spong bob likes to do. I also like him because he has no job he is clumsey he is a star fish and he is pink. Another reason why  I like him is because he is always is getting him and sponge bob in to lots of trouble and some how always gets them out of it. you should comment on this post and tell me who your favourite cartoon character is.

4 thoughts on “Favourit Cartoon Character

  1. Hello, My name is Macane and I’m from NZ.Spongebob is my favourite cartoon program and my favourite character would have to be Patrick because he’s so funny.So the thing I’m going to tell you is, why are you so passionate about this program?

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