My Favourite Tool On My Blog

My favourite tool to us on my blog to use are widgets! I like wigets the most besause they are interactive for example  pets you get to feed them. But my favourite type of widgets are the game widgets. I like the game wigets the most because you get to play them and there are so much diffrent types of game wigets , I would have to say my favourite game wiget is space invaters, if you want to get that game it is on the wiget box web site. Comment and tell me what your favourite game widget.

What Is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship is everything that you do on the internet . for example when you become an age where you want to get a job one thing that they will do is google your name and see what comes up. any thing that you do on the internet is going to be there for the rest of your life, lets say that you delete some thing it is still going to be saved on a surver some where tinthe world. so be carful what you do on the internet because your digital citizenship is a big part of most peoples lives because life now is mostley technoalgy.

A year In My Town

I live in the small town of Port Rowan, and throughout the tear there is not much to do. There is a tennis court a golf course and that is about it. But the best thing about Port Rowan is Bay Fest bay fest is a festival that we do in Port Rowan. You might be wondering what is so good about it well I will tell you it is fun because there are: rides, food stands, and lots of fun games and activities! People from all around our county come to look around and enjoy the festivities, and if everybody thinks it is fun then you should come and have some fun to. Comment on this poast and tell me about any festivals that you might go to.

Favourit Cartoon Character

My favourite cartoon character has to be Patrick Star on the hit nickelodeon show sponge bob. I like Patrick because he is funny lazy and always likes to do what spong bob likes to do. I also like him because he has no job he is clumsey he is a star fish and he is pink. Another reason why  I like him is because he is always is getting him and sponge bob in to lots of trouble and some how always gets them out of it. you should comment on this post and tell me who your favourite cartoon character is.

The Places I Want To Go

Ireland- I want to go to Ireland because it sounds like a cool place and it reminds me about leprechauns.

Peru- I want to go to Peru because I want to see all of the sand drifts and because one of my cousins went there and sent my grandpa pictures if it.

Jamaica-I want to go to Jamaica because I want to go to the beach there and tour around and look at the city.

Bahamas-I want to go to the Bahamas  because I want to go to the beach and enjoy the nice weather.

Philippines-I want to go to Philippines because it sounds like it would be a nice city  and it has a nice beach.

Panama- I want to go to Panama because heard that is a really nice place and I want to scuba dive there.

Barbados-I want to go to Barbados because it sounds like a cool place to go and look around and go to the beach.

Peuerto Rico- I want to go to Peuerto Rico because I want to go on a tour of the rain forest.

Cuba- I want to go to Cuba because I heard that it had a really nice beach and that it was just a nice place to go on a vacation to.

Italy- I want to go to Italy because I want to try there pizza and tour around and look at their city.